We Heart RDIO and SONOS

We can’t live without music and soon we might not be able to live without rdio.  That is not a typo.

Rdio (pronounced the way it looks, “ar-dee-o”) is a digital music service that gives the user on-demand access to over 12 million songs, with accessibility everywhere (web, home, car, iPad, smartphone, and even offline), and no ads – all for just $10 a month.  (That’s less than buying a new album a month.)

We just signed on and already think it’s better than buying CDs, better than a jukebox, better than iTunes, better than SiriusXM, better than Pandora, better than 8tracks, better than Grooveshark, and better than Spotify (because we can get it in Canada!).

For our studio, Norm had three SONOS wireless hifi system speakers installed around the open-concept work space.  The sound quality is so good.  Our playlist is created by a democratic process.  Basically, anyone who wants to hear anything, can.  All it takes is a simple search and add to the queue.

This Monday we’ve been listening to an eclectic mix of reggae, jazz, and classical music.  The transitions need to be refined, but we’re still diggin’ it.

DJ rdio makes the best mixtape!

(Right now you can try rdio for free for seven days.  Do it.)

– Karen

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